Week 19-20 I Don’t Know, What I Don’t Know!

Wow, my Subby is always working for me.  It is amazing to see everyday the results of the MKMMA showing up when you are not aware of the behind the scenes direction Subby gets!

Subby never misses a thing!!  So, I was helping with our fund raiser for my Capoeira class and we were having a poker tournament & silent auction.  At sometime during the preparations, I was thinking it would be fun to put “Das Boot” (the glass boot) into the auction.  Well I know my husband would not give up his, which he got in Germany, so I forgot about it, but it was a desire. A very quick one at that.

As I was getting ready for the auction and poker tournament, I stopped at a Goodwill to see what kind of decorations we could pick up, and you guessed it.  There on a shelf, completely where it should not have been, was the “DAS BOOT”  I could not believe it!!  Yes I could!!! Subby ALWAYS has my back!!! Not only that, there was no price, so I took it up to get a price.  Well I know I have not seen a DAS Boot for less than $39.95 and I got this one for $ 2.99!! WOW!

Because of the MKMMA, I can see where people around me have trouble,  because their Subby is running things and it’s gone amok!!  When I try to point a few things out, I see they are not up for it!!  You have to take responsibility for what is in your life, so you can change it!  You keep the things that support your higher self and loose the things that don’t!

The awesome thing about being in MKMMA for the last 20 weeks, is that the people in my life, SEE the change and want to know more!!!  I have a long list of people who I am inviting into the MKMMA for next year!  Knowing now, that the MKMMA is SOOOOOOOOOO effective, really makes it easy to invite people!  I have been inviting people since the 2nd week.  I am even more excited in the 20th week than ever!! It’s that Subby keeps showing me the people that I need to introduce this to, as Subby understands my LOVE!!!!!  The LOVE that I can feel throughout the MKMMA is undeniable!!!  Anyone, and I mean anyone who has made it this far in MKMMA is welcome into my life and into my world!

No doubt about it!  I am in control of my Subby, and Subby is always working for me and never against me.  It is a life changer!!!  Also a by product of controlling Subby, is confidence.  I have always had a lot of confidence, but this FEELS different!  As I go through the MKMMA, my life is coming into balance.  It is happening naturally with no effort.

I had a rough week one week (I think week 15 or 16)and I did not get a blog out.  So instead of always feeling behind, I am combing my week 19 & 20!  It’s the only place I was feeling “less than”!  So Subby fixed that!!!  Great idea!

Everything is on the inside of us!!  I have always heard people talking about “other” dimensions and such. Starting with “the Fifth Dimension” You know the popular band in the 60’s-70’s!! Its the first memory I can remember of questioning and thinking about other dimensions.   I would look out into space and wonder, where are they, how do you get there and just contemplating stuff I don’t know!  Well, Subby has shown me that ALL of that talk of dimensions and such, ARE ON THE INSIDE!!! If I need to find answers, look to the inside.  Trust your instincts. It’s all right here in that space we take up!!  Just sit still and listen.  That was a BIG lesson for me.

I am always grateful for all that is in my life and my heart.  I am grateful to wake up today, as I have been given 1 more day to be love in this world to make a difference.  I am grateful for the masterminds I am involved with.  It makes a difference not only in our lives but in the universe!  That in itself is mind boggling.   Gratefulness is my favorite emotion!!  Love to stay in gratefulness!  I thought I was pretty cleaned out emotionally when I came into MKMMA, but this has opened my eyes even wider!!!  I look like Marty Feldman!!!!!  I feel like I have learned so much and I’m there…….BUT……………………..I keep in the back of my mind……….

I don’t know, what I don’t know!!!  But what I do know, is I am going to enjoy learning,  anything I don’t know!!

MKMMA is making this journey phenomenal!!


3 thoughts on “Week 19-20 I Don’t Know, What I Don’t Know!

  1. One of the greatest difficulties keeping folks from experiencing the world of abundance firsthand, Mila, are those imposed by the subby, which has been trained to function in a world of lack. You obviously know this, and you just as obviously know MKMMA has the solution. People are more than ready for an MKMMA revolution! Loren

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